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The Rules of the Society Club

The following are The Rules of the Society Club v1.1

The most up to date version can as always be found at the club itself:

Welcome to "The Society Club". Please take time to read and familiarise yourself with our rules before continuing as ignorance will not be a valid excuse later on!

The Society Club is a steampunk/Victorian themed maledom bdsm club. It is available for non-combat , non-intrusive roleplay, collarings, meetings, OOC dances and simply for Doms and subs to relax, socialise and play in a classy decadent atmosphere.
Adult play ( in a sexual sense) is not mandatory here but adult behaviour (acting like a mature responsible adult) is.
Respect others and the rules and all are welcome.

When you enter the building itself by the front entrance the BAR is to your right. There is also place for subs to dance for the gentlemans pleasure here.
To your left as you go in is a large DRAWING ROOM and if you click the floor at the entrance here you can access the DUNGEON.

The GUEST BEDROOM is above the bar. Please DO NOT enter if it is occupied.
Above the drawing room is the STAFF ROOM. This is OFF LIMITS to guests. There are WARNING signs outside the door as it is protected by a security system that will eject you from the parcel if you attempt to enter.

This can be accessed from either the bar or drawing room or externally from the rear of the building.

((NB: At all times in the rules Dom is to be taken to mean Male Dominants, Masters, Tops, Lords etc and sub to refer to female submissives, bottoms, slaves, kajirae, bondmaids etc etc))

The Society Club  is on a PRIVATELY OWNED (Adult) parcel on the Falcon Bay sim, and is therefore STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY.  We will promptly remove any minors discovered on the premises, and report them to Linden Labs for TOS (Terms of Service) Violation.
No child avatars whatsoever.

You may encounter MATURE SCENARIOS of a sexual nature, maledom D-s, and other aspects that offend your personal point of view in this Sim. As all role-play is consensual, it is not the responsibility of the parties engaged in role-play to shelter you from potential offense; it is your own responsibility to remove yourself.

Further to that, each person here is responsible for establishing and enforcing his/her own  LIMITS. You should clearly state your  limits in your SL Profile. If you feel another player is violating your personal limits, it is your responsibility to inform them of this via IM.
Equally please be respectful of others limits and collars.

We only permit ADULT HUMAN-LOOKING AVATARS(demons, vamps etc that largely look human are permitted) in appropriate dress. Preferred dress for the club is Victorian/steampunk attire. We interpret this relatively liberally to include some gothic/vamp clothing, tuxedos and some modern formal evening wear. We have provided some freebie clothing at the TP point and suggest you check out some steampunk clothing suppliers such as "BLAKOPAL" which provide excellent clothing including some quality freebies.
Subs may wear the above or simply  lingerie(victorian era preferred), gorean slave attire or be nude at their Doms command.

Gentlemen are to be fully clothed at all times except when playing in the dungeon or guest bedroom. Subs may be dressed or not at their owners discretion anywhere in the club.

All avatars on the sim must be at least 30 days old. We will eject avatars younger than this. This is mainly to discourage griefers. Also ALT accounts are forbidden in the club for this reason.

Unless you are a member of staff or have special permission to do so, do not leave any rezzed items at the club. Please clean up after yourself. We hold no responsibility for lost items returned to owner by the Sim.

We will not tolerate any excessively disruptive and/or harassing behaviour.  Griefers and violators willl be immediately banned and reported.

Club owners/Admins and Managers are listed at the bottom of the NC. Their decisions are final in all matters.

This is primarily a club to relax and socialise and RP rather than a "sex club". Overt sexual and bdsm activity is to be restricted to the Dungeon and Guest bedroom (the one above the bar).

When playing in either the Dungeon or Guest Bedroom please emote ONLY in IM.

If the Guest Bedroom is occupied please do not enter without permission.
It is permitted to enter the Dungeon and observe any play provided you do not interupt. It is also permitted to play on any unoccupied devices in the Dungeon.
It is forbidden to take photographs of others without their consent.

Whilst everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy themselves here this is a maledom D-s club so female domination in any form is NOT tolerated. Non submissive females will be respectfully treated but only referred to by their avatar name. They shall not be referred to by anyone as "Miss", "Mistress", "Lady" etc. There are many excellent femdom sims for Dommes to enjoy. This is one of the few non-gorean environments that caters exclusively to maledom bdsm, please respect this.

If you are a non submissive female please wear the "Observer tag"  so staff and other guests are aware of this:

This is a Gentlemans Club so we expect all Doms to behave as such, both in their dealings with other Doms and with subs. Please be courteous to all in the public areas.

Goreans are welcome here, however please remember that this is a non combat/no capture/no force collar establishment. Also subs will usually only address you as "Sir" and only their own personal Dom as "Master", please do not take offence.

Apart from a number of donation boxes for voluntary tier donations this is a non commercial club. Escorts/commercial strippers are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on the premises and if anyone attempts to solicit cash off you please report them to the Club management  (listed below). The only exception to this will be tipjars for DJs at officially permitted events. Should you wish to tip members of staff it is entirely at your own discretion but it is not sought.


Being a Dom does not entitle you to be rude and abusive towards others. ((What happens in IM in play is between you and the sub))

We expect you will require courteous behaviour from all females here, however please read profiles and where possible get to know the girl before giving orders. Respect a subs limits, her collar and owners limits(if she is owned).

Girls working in the club will have 2 types of group tag "Society Club Hostess" and "Society Club Slut". Hostesses are purely for nonsexual service. They will engage you in conversation, serve you drinks and possibley dance for you if their limits allow. "Sluts" will in addition usually be available for your sexual use in the Dungeon or the Guest bedroom. In both cases please respect the girls limits.

Please do not attempt to entice any of our girls to leave the club with you for any reason. To do so is a banning offence.

Our girls will generally refer to you as Sir. If you have another form of address you would prefer to be called please politely inform them of it and where possible they will comply.

If you have a dispute with one of our girls or a visiting sub and cannot resolve it politely in IM please refer the matter to the Club Management.

Please state your limits (and your owners regarding you if applicable) clearly in your profile.

Whilst you are obliged to show respect to all the gentlemen at the club you do not have to kneel for, or play with anyone you do not feel comfortable with.

Unowned subs visiting the club should serve any gentlemen (within their limits) if ordered or asked to do so.

Do not sit on any of the chairs unless your Master or a gentleman instructs you to do so. We do not appreciate princess subs here.

When approaching a group of more than 3 people it is sufficient to say something like "Greetings/Hello Sirs, hello girls". There is no need to greet everyone individually.

When serving a brief well written emote is sufficient. Long, over the top kajira type serves simply to get a drink are not welcome.


**We reserve the right to ban from the Club anyone who violates any of these rules**

These rules while intended to be comprehensive cannot cover every possible situation, the final decision will rest with the Club Owners.

Club Owners/Admins: Morat Barbosa/Gingersnap Gothly

Club Management : Peter Gartle

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